Having arrived in Kuala Lumpur the quickest way to get from the airport to the city center is to use KLIA Ekspres (it’s non-stop speed train and much cheaper than a taxi). It was extremely hot in KL, even though December is meant to be cooler than their summer months. The city is busy at all hours of the day which gives it a great vibe. We stayed in budget accommodation near little India as we knew we would hardly be at the hotel.
The city is so diverse in terms of culture, making the food variety even better… I’m a person that loves good food, so I will definitely try different food.
We kicked started our trip by an early visit to Batu Caves. This is a Hindu temple devoted to Lord Murga. As we approached the temple, the golden statue of Lord Murga catches your eye with the beautiful mountain scenery as a backdrop. The street brings back fond memories of India. Plenty of vendors selling fresh flower garlands and sweetmeats. The scent of the flowers lingers in the air as you walk by.

The massive statue of Lord Murga is extremely beautiful and towers up in the sky commanding your respect and attention. To enter the caves we climbed over 200 steps to reach the top with monkeys waiting for food on the side of the staircase – Monkey’s terrify me! I guess it’s because I watched so many documentaries about monkey thieves in Asia.


The scenery of the city from the top of the caves is stunning. Inside the caves there are 2 temple areas, we arrived in time for the Morning Prayer, with many devotees chanting. Morning is the perfect time to take in the beauty of the Caves as there is not much noise and the tourists are minimal.
As we were in a cultural mood, we also visited the National Mosque in KL. The city has so much to offer from the Petronas Towers to the National Palace. Touring the city is a must for KL. Visiting China Town’s Petaling Street was great, this was definitely a place to shop, and to use your bargaining skills… The mini flower stalls on Petaling Street was simply adorable. As the day progressed, it got hotter and hotter… Frozen slush coke was the best drink for the day!

Visiting Petronas Towers (Twin sky scrapers) are a must in KL, it is the center piece of the city. It is a beautiful tower that offers views of the city. The towers are lit up night which is simply magnificent.

The lit tower gets your attention every time. Pre-booking is a must for the twin towers. Our time in KL was very short so we visited attractions based on our preferences.
We spent New Year’s Eve in front of the Petronas Towers. The atmosphere was amazing. Thousands of people from around the city come to view the firework display; all in a celebratory mood, and a party happening in the KLCC Park in front of the Towers.
It was a phenomenal sensation at midnight – the amazing fireworks in front of the beautiful towers with thousands of people around you… Simply spectacular!
A fantastic way to bring in the New Year!

Places visited: Batu Caves; Petronas Towers – KLCC; Little India; China Town (Petaling Street); National Mosque; National Palace; Parliament Malaysia; Central Market; KL Sentral
Best drink: Frozen slush coke
Essentials to pack:Sunblock; sun hat; mosquito repellent; summer clothing
Local currency: Malaysian Ringgit