All that was playing in my mind as we approached Miami:
“Party in the city where the heat is on. All night on the beach til the break of dawn. Welcome to Miami (bienvenido a Miami)”
Whoop Whoop! We finally reached Miami after 25 hours of flying!!!!! (22 hours to reach JFK via Dubai, then a further 3 hours from JFK to Miami). What a feeling to leave the airport and head for South Beach.
I’ve visited Miami twice, but both trips were short. It was a stopover destination before going elsewhere.
What’s great about Miami in January is the amazing weather while majority of the USA is experiencing winter.
Depending on which airport you arrive into Miami, there is a direct bus from MIA (Miami International Airport) to South Beach for only $2.25 single trip. And if you unsure where exactly to get off in South Beach just ask the bus driver where to get off after giving your hotel name. I didn’t come across any buses from South Beach to FLL (Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport) so we just used a taxi. Shared ride is a cheaper alternative to using a taxi.
I stayed at the Dorchester Suites and The Clay Hotel in South Beach, both were good and have close proximity to the beach. The Clay Hotel’s location is awesome, with an awesome Hispanic vibe! The location is on Española Way; which has a few great restaurants. Spanish music and light decorations for the evening. I just loved being there!
The Dorchester Suites is a cute boutique style hotel, which provides you with 2 free beach chairs and an umbrella at South Beach. This is great, as you would normally have to rent these for the day at the beach.
As time is limited at any holiday destination, it’s important to experience the place instead of just seeing landmarks and museums.

Day 1

The 1st day we  headed to the beach. It’s pointless going to Miami and not spending time at the beach, right??
The water is awesome, just at the perfect temperature but what I didn’t like is that the beach has a lot of seaweed washed up on the shore. We spent the afternoon at the beach and walking the streets. South Beach streets comes alive in the evenings with expensive cars, loud music and parties. And if you feel like to driving in a Ferrari or Lamborghini for the day or weekend there are a few places to hire these cars. We had dinner at Oh Mexico Restaurant on Española Way and you have to try the frozen margaritas! There’s loads of other places to eat on Española Way, so be adventurous.


South Beach – Miami


Espanola Way


Day 2

The 2nd day we did a bus tour of Miami city for the full day, it’s a great way to see and experience the city and its history. We used the BigBus Miami; start early to maximize time. The bus has 4 loops, so you can decide about the experience. (See below for all my trip details)


Day 3

Day 3, we took a bus tour from Miami to Key West. The bus ride to Key West is approximately 4 hours. It’s basically one long highway connecting all the tiny islands until you reach Key West. Key West is 90 miles north of Cuba (be sure to visit the view point).
The bus ride was pleasant, but next time I would definitely hire a car so that I can stop along the Keys. Key West is a tiny island filled with bars, restaurants, fancy real-estate, hotels and tourists. Its tropical weather all year round. A must try is ‘Key Lime Pie’, absolutely yummy!
We walked a lot, so comfy shoes/sandals are a must. We then got onto one of those “fun” old Town Trolleys to get around the Island, I loved it! Key West is an experience, so just enjoy the day on the Island.


Accommodation: The Dorchester Suites; the Clay Hotel (South Beach)
Places visited: South Beach; Miami city; Key West (Florida Keys)
Delicious treats: Key Lime Pie; frozen margaritas
Essentials to pack: Sunblock; sunhat; swim wear; comfy shoes
Tours: BigBus Miami; Trolley tours (Key West); Day tour to Key West from Miami (Miami Tours)
Transport from MIA to South Beach: $2.25 single trip – Miami Beach Airport flyer
Months visited: January and April (The weather was fantastic in both months)
Currency: USD Dollar