Traveling to India is truly an amazing experience and I believe should be a travel destination on one’s bucket list.

Things you should know when traveling to India:

  • Visa requirements for India (there are very few countries that are exempt from travel visa’s to enter India)
  • Be sure you vaccinated before your travel (vaccinations such typhoid, hepatitis, yellow fever – consult with your travel doctor)
  • Only drink bottled water (if the seal is broken do not drink from it!)
  • Use insect repellent to prevent mosquito bites, leading to malaria/dengue fever (sometimes you may apply repellent in the day time if you visiting a cave or any dark enclosed area)
  • Be sure to take Malaria medication
  • Eat freshly cooked, hot food
  • Avoid any dairy products from the street
  • Do not eat fruit that cannot be peeled
  • Be mindful that you will be seeing a lot of poverty, and pollution in some parts of India
  • Bargain for a good deal. Some stores and most vendors have no prices attached to their goods, so the price is negotiable.
  • Eating beef/steak is very uncommon in India as cows are considered sacred. But don’t let that get you down, the vegetarian food in India is amazing!
  • Sanitation in India is a problem in certain areas. Be sure to have wet wipes, tissues and hand sanitizer
  • Be wary of pickpocketing in busy markets.
  • Don’t be surprised if you see animals wandering the streets. I’ve seen cows in the streets and on the beach, elephants and camels.
  • Travelling in a “tuk-tuk” (auto rickshaw)/ rickshaw (3 wheeled passenger cart) is a safe mode of transportation. This is also a fun experience. For short distances this is the best mode of transport as roads are heavily congested in India.
  • The best time to travel to India is from October to March (India has very diverse weather conditions, these are the dry months, which is better for traveling)

Be sure to start planning your holiday to India, it is truly an unforgettable destination that will have you beckoning for more…

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