This was my first visit to China, and I most certainly enjoyed every moment. Ordering food in restaurants was definitely an adventure, especially when you don’t speak a word of mandarin and the person serving you knows no English. We had some amazing food in Beijing and Hong Kong, and seen some traditional delicacies.

1st tip: sharpen your skills with chop sticks! Majority of places in Beijing will not provide cutlery (especially if you visiting traditional Chinese restaurants).

We visited a number a traditional restaurants and we loved the variety and the food…


Wangfujing night market experience (Beijing):


Traditional Chinese lunch (this was an awesome meal)


Steamed rice, bok choy, sweet chilli tofu, sweet sour baby marrow, egg sea weed soup, sweet sour pork and chicken, sweet chilli duck, green tea and sliced water melon.

Tai O Fishing Village – Lantau Island (Hong Kong):


Dried fish retail stores 

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