I was super excited to visit Lempuyang Temple, located East of Bali.

This temple is approximately 2,5-3 hour drive from Kuta (depending on traffic). We left just before 5am to get ahead of traffic.

Seeing Bali so quiet at that time is something to marvel at! The Island is always busy, with a rarely a quiet moment.

Getting to the temple is a narrow, windy road with stunning scenery of rice fields, banana & coconut plantations.

Stopping on the side of the road to admire the scenery can be challenge due to the size of the roads.

Through the windy roads & up the mountain we went. As we got closer to the Temple, we had an upfront view of Mount Agung (Bali’s active volcano). Jaw dropping beauty! I just starred at the volcano until it was out of sight.

Finally, we arrived at the Temple Parking!

Transport from the parking to the temple

The temple drivers were all ready & keen to take us up the mountain.

It costed 20,000 Rupiah ($2) to get transported to the entrance of the Temple. We were warmly greeted and dressed with a sarong before we could enter the temple.

A short walk up and we entered the 1st temple. Here is where we starred at the 2 large pillars showing Mount Agung. It was just specular! After seeing this, the name of ‘Heavens Gate’ made perfect sense!

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I Just loved this view!
The view of Mount Agung when standing in the gate
Standing at the gate to heaven!