After spending time at Lempuyang Temple (Journey to Pura Lempuyang – Bali #Part 1), we visited Sideman, Tirta Gangga, and The Water Palace.

Sideman is absolutely breathtaking! Sideman offers tranquil scenery of rice fields, plantations and mountains.



We then moved onto Tirta Gangga (water palace built in 1948). Tirta Gangga has a number of pools, fountains, stone carvings, all perfectly placed in a lush garden. If you love Koi fish, you will see a number of large Koi in the ponds. You can purchase fish pallets to feed them. We decided to have breakfast here, be sure to get the tables with the view of the gardens, its just beautiful.

Tirta Gangga

The last stop was the Water Palace. I found the Water Palace to be similar to Tirta Gangga, beautiful nonetheless. It was a lovely day visiting all these places.

Gorgeous view from the top of the Palace


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