Siem Reap is a popular resort town and the gateway to the Angkor Temples.

There are approximately 50 temples in the Angkor archaeological Park, these temples are centuries old and listed as a world heritage site.

We began our visit in the park at the famous Angkor Wat Temple. Eager to see the sunrise over this majestic temple, we left our hotel at 4:30am. The Archaeological Park is not far from all the hotels and resorts in the town. We stopped to get our 3 day pass to the Park ($62 per person) and continued into the Park. The Park opens at 5am daily.

As we entered the Park it was complete darkness… Only the moon and flash lights showing us the way to the temple.

Moonlight at 4:30am

Upon arriving at the famous pond in front of Angkor Wat, there was a lot of tourists, like me, wanting to see the sun rise and photograph the reflection of Angkor Wat Temple in the pond.

The first glimpse of Angkor Wat as the sun rises is magical! The sun illuminates the Temple and the reflection of the Temple is seen in the pond. Even though there was many tourists present, there was silence… everyone taking in the view!

Angkor Wat

After the sun was up, we crossed over and explored within the temple before it got too busy.

Over the next few days we explored a number of temples, each temple offering something different.

Accommodation: Angkor Paradise Hotel
Essentials to pack: Camera, protective sun clothing, sunscreen, comfy shoes, sun hat
Month visited: December
Currency: Cambodian Riel
Visa prearranged prior to entering Cambodia