My Globe Trottings

Whether it’s a trip half way across the world or a drive away from home, travel is my passion! I love the planning and research involved and perhaps I should become a travel agent as that would be the ideal job for me.

Upon returning from one adventure, my next thoughts are where will my next adventure be?? Then all the research starts for any potential destinations.

As a kid we mostly did local vacations to the seaside and I always thought to myself one day I would love to see the world. Besides enjoying every bit of travel, I love to talk about it! Therefore ta-da “My Globe Trottings” was created. What better way to talk about my travel and share it with everyone who is keen to start their next adventure. My blogs will be on a variety of travel adventures; from the outdoors to experiencing a bustling city and will include some travel tips which will definitely assist with your next travel.
I’ve traveled with friends, family and now with my husband. My hubby enjoys travelling as well, which make it more fun! So if I could quit my job, it would definitely be to travel the world and share my experiences with you.

For any questions, just pop over to my contact page and get in touch.


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